The Play House Learning Center
Child Care Services
*Full/Part Time Day Care * Preschool * Before/After Care*
Monday-Friday    7am -
(631) 657-3360
Welcome to The Play House Learning Center

Our New York State licensed and fully insured center is a huge 1,000 square foot (the average size of a 2 bedroom
apartment) bright and cheery, sun filled area spaciously sectioned into centers addressing all areas of child
development. Shelving, cubbies, furniture and dividers are child size allowing the children easy access to toys and
games while also allowing our staff a clear unobstructed view of the facility at all times to ensure safe play and
continuous supervision. Cribs and high chairs are full size to ensure your infants safety during nap and meal time.
Toddlers and infants are never put into play yards or play pens, we do not believe in confining children or propping
them in front of a television, we believe in independence and interactive play in a safe, loving, nurturing,
environment. Age appropriate activities and games, big smiles, hugs, words of encouragement and positive
reinforcement are our tools for helping children to grow and learn.

Because we value each child for who they are and believe every child is unique, talented and capable, our
programs offer children many opportunities through a wide range of hands-on, sensory-oriented activities to
construct their own knowledge base in a way that is meaningful to them.  Our centers are designed to help each
child realize his/her own special talents and give them the freedom to learn in ways that are most comfortable for

The art, music, math, science, library and play centers are designed to encourage and promote independence,
social and cognitive growth, problem solving skills, math and science skills, eye/hand coordination, fine and gross
motor skills, self-help skills, whole body coordination, expressive language and social skills. Our toys, games and
activities are specifically chosen to make play time a fun, hands on, well rounded learning experience.

The kitchen and meal preparation area are meticulously maintained.  Our meal specialist held Food Safety
Preparation Certification for 13 years. We are dedicated to keeping sanitary, safe conditions in the kitchen as well
as in the entire facility.  Our meals and snacks are always included at no extra cost to you and extra special care is
given to accommodate those with allergies.  We provide healthy, nutritious, well-balanced meals with plenty of extra
helpings if desired.  

The bathroom facilities are clean and sanitary. The children have their own child friendly bathroom designed to
encourage and promote potty training and good hygiene habits. The children are shown how and when to properly
wash their hands and  brush their teeth. Hand washing is done throughout the entire day including after bathroom
use and at mealtime. Tooth brushing is done after every meal.  A World Dryer Diaper Changing Station is used for
diapering. It is one of  the safest and most sanitary means available for diapering infants and toddlers.